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    in the battle of the current epidemic, countless fearless and indomitable rebels built a strong line of defense with their flesh and blood to explain the responsibility of protecting one side's safety. the brave man falls, the spirit lasts forever. in april 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia and mourning for the dead were held in the national mourning ceremony. this sudden epidemic brings us not only thinking, but also a sense of responsibility and belonging.

    novel coronavirus pneumonia, a heroic hero in the war against epidemic, was deeply observed in general secretary xi jinping's important instructions on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia and the praise of heroes. he actively inherited the spirit of epidemic resistance and demonstrated the determination and enthusiasm to overcome the epidemic. the work is arranged as follows:

1. competition theme

    spring in the epidemic

2. competition concept

    discover, record and promote beauty, express love and hope with the beauty of life, and support the cause of anti epidemic.

3. guiding ideology of the competition

    in spring, the grass grows and the orioles fly, and everything recovers, representing life and hope. everyone has experienced a moment of deja vu, which may be the scene of a dream, the fireworks of memories, a street, a leaf or a cloud. however, it is such a moment that brings us insight and hope. as long as we have a pair of eyes to find beauty, a heart to appreciate beauty, collect the little bits around us, and appreciate the rich and colorful spring. use the camera in your hand to leave those smiling faces like flowers, and use the nib of the pen and the words to leave the hope of life.

4.    organizer of the competion

    labor union of college of humanities and law, south china agricultural university

5.     competition schedule

(1)    collection time: april 28 - april 30
(2)     appraisal and exhibition time: may 1-may 5
(3)     appraisal result announced: may 6
(4)    post exhibition publicity: may 7-may 10

6.    competition object

faculty of humanities and law

7.    competition content

(1)    around the theme of spring in epidemic situation, the contestants look for beautiful stories around them, take pictures of scenery and characters in spring, create poems and essays, etc., with unlimited themes and words.

(2)    the contents of the entries shall be positive and healthy, fit for the theme, reflect the characteristics of spring, express love and hope, and must be original works. plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

(3)    the photos can be divided into single photo and group photo (no more than 4 in each group, and the sequence number shall be indicated). in addition to video processing, computer and darkroom technology shall not be used to alter the original image. the competition photos cannot be processed (synthetic photos, ps photos, etc.) and black-and-white photos and color photos can all participate in the competition.

(4)    poetry works need to have clear title and format and reasonable layout.

(5)    submit the electronic file of the entries. the name of the entries must be marked with the work number and name. if it is a photographic work, please submit the original picture and attach a brief description within 100 words of the photo.

(6)    the deadline for submission of works is 24:00 on april 30, 2020. please send the works to email:

(7)    evaluation method: due to the epidemic situation, online voting was adopted as the main voting method, and all faculty and staff of the college participated in the scoring, and 20 favorite works were evaluated.

(8)    award settings:

        winners: 20
        memorial awards: several

(9)    the interpretation of this activity is the responsibility of the trade union of the college department.

labor union of humanities and law school
april 28, 2020