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secretary of cpc committe: zhang hui            

in charge of the overall work of the cpc committee of the college of humanities and law, which includes party construction, college staff representatives assembly, college union, united front work, alumni, retired personnel. in contact with the law department.

office tel: 020-85283381


dean:  yang nailiang

professional title: professor

in charge of the overall administrative work of chl, also in charge of discipline construction, personnel and financial affairs. in contact with the department of history.

office tel: 020-85282051


deputy secretary of cpc: xia hua

title: national senior professional instructor

in charge of students' educational management, admission and vocation; party construction in student; the youth league committee, the student union; publicity of the college, network building; assists secretary of cpc to carry out work on party construction, ideological and political education, security and stability, contacting alumni, etc..

office tel: 020-85282477


deputy dean: zheng tingyi

professional title: senior engineer

in charge of the college administrative affairs, equipment and asset management, developing and revenue-producing; foreign affairs of chl; security; assists the dean to manage financial affairs; assists the secretary of cpc on affairs of alumni and retired personnel. 

office tel: 020-85283620


deputy dean: zhong jijun

professional title: associate professor

in charge of undergraduate teaching management, teaching labs, practice base construction, discipline construction and evaluation of chl; he is also the chief of the teaching and experiment center of chl. in contact with the chinese department. 

office tel: 020-85283556


deputy dean: he fangyao

professional title: professor

in charge of research and postgraduate work of chl; the research project application and management; achievements in scientific research; postgraduates enrollment and fostering; academic exchange of the college. in contact with the department of philosophy.

office tel: 020-85283708


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