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brief introduction 

    the student union of the youth league committee of the college of humanities and law is a first-class student organization under the leadership of the youth league committee and the party committee of the college. adhering to the work philosophy of sincere service and hand in hand, we always adhere to serving the college students.

college level activities held by the school of humanities and law: welcome party, college sports meeting, college water sports meeting, the best design competition for the group day, four designated volunteer services, graduation party. school level activities: top chinese red encyclopedia knowledge competition, school sports meeting, school water sports meeting, bauhinia science and technology culture festival, lei fengyue activities.
    the student union of the youth league committee consists of the youth league committee and the student union. the youth league committee consists of: office, organization department, practice department, science and technology innovation department, youth new media department and freshman management department. the student union consists of: life rights department, sports department, public relations department, entertainment department, publicity department and academic department.

youth league committee of college of humanities and law office

    the youth league office is a comprehensive functional department that coordinates the work of all departments and colleges. it plays a role of connecting the preceding and the following and coordinating the left and right.

department functions:

1. finance: be responsible for the collection and statistics of activity invoices, activity expenditure statistics and reimbursement of various departments of the league school, and master the financial power.

2. files: management of league learning files, including meeting records, scheduling management, attendance of various meetings, lectures and activities, and collection of students' comprehensive test activity records, etc;

3. meeting: before each activity, making and delivering invitation letters to leading guests, preparing guest cards and arranging guest tables are the front-line responsibilities of the league school.

4. recruitment: preside over the recruitment work

organization department

department functions:

(1) select excellent league members to join the party] to be responsible for selecting excellent league members as the development objects of the party.

(2) [theme group day] hold the best group day design competition.

(3) [appraisal and commendation] be responsible for the may 4th appraisal of the university level and the recognition and evaluation of the college.

(4) [league member management] responsible for the sorting of league member file information, the sorting of league membership and the collection of league fee.

(5) [grassroots work] be responsible for the activities of the grassroots league branch.

(6) [league branch meeting] strengthen the contact with each league branch of the college, and hold the league branch meeting.

practice department

    the practice department is a department full of warmth and vitality. it is also one of the 12 departments under the student union of the youth league committee of the college of humanities and law.

department functions:

1. cooperate with the youth league committee to carry out relevant activities

(1) management humanities and law school i volunteer platform

(2) carry out the easy wings program of the college of humanities and law

(3) carry out large-scale social practice activities in the countryside

(4) carry out a series of activities of lei fengyue

2. to manage the youth volunteer service team of humanistic practice, organize and carry out a variety of volunteer service activities, including four characteristic designated volunteer activities:

(1) on the voluntary activities of caring for autistic children

(2) volunteer activities in meihua street treatment station

(3) voluntary activities of agricultural lecture center

(4) metro line 3 volunteer service activities

other special activities, such as leifeng street volunteer activities, wushan street public service stalls, earth hour and moon center flower appreciation activities, helped to link up and manage the volunteer interpretation team of nanyue palace museum.

3. to assist the humanities to carry out relevant activities of the college:

such as the new year's party, the college sports meeting, the top chinese red encyclopedia knowledge competition and other large-scale activities of the college

science and technology innovation department

science and technology innovation department is not only the transmitter of academic competition of science and technology at school level, but also a platform for humanities students to display their own capabilities.

department functions:

1. responsible for planning bauhinia science and technology culture festival and displaying the style of the college;

2. to be responsible for the challenge cup, dingying cup additional competition, college students literature competition and other related matters;

3. to communicate and cooperate with the association of science and technology of the academy and the association of science and technology of the university.

new media department

    the main functions of the youth media department are: training planning, news gathering and editing, and new media operation.

freshmen management department

freshmen management department, the characteristic department set up by the student union of the youth league committee of the college of humanities and law.

department functions:

1. assist the college to carry out freshmen work;

2. to organize and carry out special activities such as freshman cup basketball match and three early morning activity;

3. select and manage part-time counselors and mental help, assist part-time counselors and mental aids to establish and manage freshmen classes;

4. to organize and manage the cheerleading teams of all academies and bring the warmest support to the athletes on the field.

student union of college of humanities and law

life rights department

apply for student card and train discount card
responsible for the regular magnetization of the discount card and the modification of the riding area
(entry of train ticket discount card)
dormitory management, regular dormitory routine inspection
we are in life, and we are in rights protection
understand the rights and interests of students and answer the questions in the monthly report of safeguarding rights
once a semester, the principal has an appointment to safeguard everyone's rights and interests
brand activity: 315 rights protection activities

ministry of sports
    the sports department is an irreplaceable department in the student union of the college of humanities and law. it mainly focuses on the theme of enhancing students' quality and enriching their after-school cultural life, organizes and carries out large-scale sports events at the college level, and propagandizes the importance of sports through various interesting ways.

department functions:

1. hold large-scale sports events of the college, such as college sports meeting, water sports meeting, inter class basketball match, orienteering and so on;

2. closely contact with the sports committee, hold the sports committee, and manage the school's sunshine sports system;

3. to manage and serve the eight teams of the college;

4. assist the league school, teachers and other organizations to carry out activities;

5. link with the school sports department, upload and release the information about sports work of the school.

public relations department
    the public relations department is a new department under the student union of the youth league committee of the college of humanities and law. based on the responsibilities of the former outreach department, it develops and innovates, becoming an important platform for communication between the youth league and the outside world, and an excellent place for students to work and practice inside and outside the school during the school.

business sponsorship
    contact with major businesses for sponsorship, provide financial support for large and small activities of the youth league student union; invite successful business people to hold a series of meaningful lectures and exchange meetings.

foreign exchange
    regularly carry out communication and friendship activities with the public relations department (outreach department) of other colleges of the school, know more excellent talents, go out of the school, enter the school, go to the society, contact more types of businesses, and establish more beneficial public relations!

department of culture and entertainment
    the cultural and entertainment department is mainly responsible for organizing, planning and carrying out all kinds of cultural and recreational activities in the whole hospital. its main activities include the welcome party, huanong bauhinia poetry conference, graduation party, etc. it will also assist the league school and other student organizations to carry out activities, rent audio materials, and provide technical and material support for the activities. it will maintain communication and contact with the art troupe, and work together for all kinds of cultural and recreational activities to keep in touch with and exchange experience with the cultural and entertainment departments at the university level and other colleges.

publicity department
    the publicity department is a platform to show creativity and talent, a window to highlight the style and characteristics of the college; it is also a basic and core department closely connected with all departments.

department functions:

1. to be responsible for the whole process of publicity of various large-scale activities of the college, and to produce a series of publicity supplies, such as posters, banners, screens, handmade samples, etc;

2. regularly update the bulletin board to fully display the style of the college.

3. be responsible for the site layout design, stage design and other specific matters of the event, and provide more professional planning, suggestions and services for the event;

4. assist other departments of the league to carry out publicity work of various activities.

academic department
serious but not rigid, rigorous but not lose vitality.
for the sake of learning, the academic department serves as a bridge between the humanities students and the college with the purpose of sincere service.

1. routine functions:

(1) sampling attendance: assist the college to optimize the discipline of our school style.
(2) convey level 4 and level 6 skills, lectures and salons.

2. special activities undertaken:

(1) learning experience exchange meeting
(2) english test and service point
(3) debate contest
(4) top chinese red encyclopedia knowledge contest