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    the ancients said lofty tower rises from the base of earth. college of the humanities & law has a profound humanistic tradition and history. the chinese teaching & research section, now the chinese language and literature department, can trace its history back to 1952, when college of south china agriculture was set up. the special collection rooms for agricultural historical literature, founded in 1955, became research room for chinese agricultural historical heritage in 1978, began to recruit candidates for its graduate program in 1980. in june 1996, college of the humanities was set up merging the department of social science, the department of foreign studies and the research center for agricultural march 2006, college of the humanities, media and law was established through conglomeration of three colleges, and subsequently renamed college of the humanities and law in april, 2008.facing ever increasing student bodies, the college abides by the motto of teaching, research, talents and service and puts forward the strategy of based on guangdong, facing agriculture, countryside and farmers, serving grass roots and with distinct development.

    now, the college is governed by the motto of humanity, law, wisdom and sensible and strives for the overall goals revolving around the humanities and becoming a multidisciplinary college with evident characteristics in south china. the college now provides complete and multi-level undergraduate and postgraduate currently offers 4 majors for undergraduates, law, literature, history and philosophy, admitting double degree undergraduates as well. the law major double degree class offers law (intellectual property direction), recruiting master postgraduates for science and technology has become a pilot reform college of credit system in scau since 2016.

    “with two clean hands, by a three-foot platform, the college fosters students all over the world.”the college is rich in teaching resources, it has 114 teaching and administrative staff, among which, 17 professors,7 adjunct professors, 45 associate professors, and 39 master supervisors. 80% of teaching staff graduated from comprehensive key universities, and 95% of them own over-master degree. with brood and profound knowledge, every teacher inherits and promotes the strength and vigor of our college.

    currently, our college has nearly 2200 students, 60 postgraduates and 2100 undergraduates. in recent years, the employment rate and numbers of students who passed the state civil servant examination have ranked the top in scau. students' passing rate in the judicial examination is some 40 percentage higher than that of the national average. students of the college honored several provincial and national prizes. in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 ceremonial activities to worship the traditional chinese culture, students of the college entered the final 50 in the featured show projects and stood head and shoulders above other colleges and universities, and the college was the sole selected college in guangdong province three years in a row. extracurricular activities of the college cover a wide range,zhuangyuanhong in china, wenyuange, oral history contest, moot court, poem recitation competition, just to name a few, with high participation of students, have become signature items in scau campus culture building.

    the college set up moot court, simulation arbitration court, legal clinic, forensic lab, digital multifunctional language lab, ling nan cultural inheritance protection lab, providing a broad practice platform to foster students' professional skills and practical abilities. also, agricultural heritage research institute of china,legal study base of guangdong law society,legal study center of city development,legal theories and practice base, jieyang city,research center of agricultural culture and rural tourism,study center for religion and culture communication, institute of south china intangible culture heritage, institute for the study of lingnan culture and arts, institute of intellectual property and other institutes of the college offer research room for teachers and researchers.